What wildness does your heart/soul want you to discover?

I’ve done some pretty wild things in my time…

… jumped out of a plane
… run naked around a garden when it was raining
… left the security of corporate employment to follow my dreams that weren’t fully formed
… chose to retrain from marketing to acupuncture (cos that makes sense right?)
… made a decision to uproot my life back to Yorkshire in a weekend (and had moved three months later)
… fire walked/ arrow broke and broken glass walk

And yet the wildest things that stay in my heart are
… playing like a kid with my nieces and nephews and basically anyone under ten who’ll let me get stuck in to being silly
… singing in public with no rehearsal
… let myself go in a five rhythms dance class (even though other people might judge me)
… loved another like my heart might break open
… spoke my truth even when I knew it might hurt the friendship because it was the right thing for me
… said no more
… followed my own path more, even thought I knew it might feel more lonely

It’s the small things that speak to our souls and our hearts that really allow us to feel wild and free….

What wildness does your heart/soul want you to discover?

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