To love all the parts of ourselves

Connection can also create disconnection.

This months theme of connection has had me really connecting to my inner world, to my feelings, to my pain, to my wounds that still need loving attention. To cultivate a greater connection with my authentic self. Unconditional love.

There was a time I ignored this inner world, disconnected, afraid I would self combust from overwhelm if I dared to venture in…then there was a time I could do it but I needed my hand holding or a friend on the phone to model the empathy I was looking for from myself. Now I’m able to be with it all on my own (check me out). To lovingly look at it without too much judgment. And try to send it love so it can heal. It’s part of the brave soul journey, to authentically love all the parts of ourselves. Not an easy task for even the most wearied and travelled of self explorers… but essential for living well. A life’s practise for me.

(I’ve also learnt I don’t self combust when I do it, which is always a plus LOL)