The Wild Dance

I was introduced to Five Rhythms dancing about four years ago. A friend of mine took me. She explained that we’d dance to five different rhythms through the class, flow, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. You didn’t need to know how to dance, you just moved your body how it wanted to move to the rhythm that was playing at the time.

We arrived at the first class and my friend trotted off to join the ‘dancing space’ after saying, ‘oh and don’t worry if you hear people making animal noises, they’re just releasing whatever comes up for them with the dance’.

WTF? I thought… what weird cult thing has she brought me to???

I nervously stepped into the space and shuffled anxiously in my bare feet (trying to pretend I really wasn’t watching anyone else or listening for weird sounds).

Remarkably, the music invited me in. It took my hand gently and I started to feel more of my body than my feet starting to sway. I would discover over time that flow and lyrical were my favourite rhythms. They both have a potency of water that flows within me and through me and I catch myself sometimes being meandered around the room like a pebble being washed down stream, sometimes fast and furious and sometimes gently ebbing the banks. The key is staying within the body and keeping out of your head… a rather large challenge in this day and age.

Four years later I’m now less ‘bovvered’ by what other people are doing in the room (or the noises) in fact I’ve been known to release a few of my own (although I still usually find the comfort of a corner in the room).

Something wild happens when I let myself go, when I drop into my body, let go of perfection and expectation and I can tell you some of the moves I’m making are not pretty… (when the DJ plays Born Slippy my body drops into happy sober raving convulsions…) A release happens on a physical level. Which clears something on a mental and emotional level.

It’s wild for sure. But it’s also soothing, healing and frikkin good fun!