The Creative Process

I did an art course which finished this month.  The topic I chose for my work throughout the year was Cracks & Edges.  It wasn’t until the end of my course that I made sense of my topic.  These two pieces of writing were included in my end of course art exhibition…

Cracks and Edges

Struggling to translate vision to reality
Good ideas… unhappy results

Cracking… breaking apart
Beyond the edge of comfort

Painful… despairing… hopeless
Feeling broken, wanting an end

And then….. letting go of outcome
Committing only to explore, experiment

Expectation diminished, possibility returns
Expanding boundaries… redefined edges

And from the cracks
Grows the creation

Oh! The creative process.


The Earth’s Creative Process

My theme started as cracks and edges in the landscape… I wanted to choose something which could be seen in all aspects of the landscape. I was interested in exploring light coming through cracks in the clouds, plants growing in cracks in rocks… growth from the cracks. Edges at that time was more about the boundaries between two different elements… land and water, earth and air… and how fertile those boundaries are e.g. the machair.

As I progressed through the course, cracks and edges became more personal… exploring the edge of my comfort zone… going beyond… expanding… and the cracking to get there. How uncomfortable it feels to do that… how I wanted to run away from the feeling I got from not achieving the outcomes I wanted, not being good enough… having to go through growth. And a conversation with a friend helped me to see this, not as something wrong with me, but just part of the creative process. An invaluable reframe which I feel will impact on many areas of my future life!

Towards the end of the course something else came into my awareness… Hawaii is currently suffering earthquake after earthquake (over 1000 during May this year) and molten lava is spilling out onto the land and I discovered that elsewhere on the planet (in South Cape, South Africa; Arizona, USA; Namisinfwa District, Uganda and West of Nairobi, Kenya) other giant cracks are opening up… which made me wonder… is this the Earth (and humanity) going through its own creative process?