The Business of BraveSouls

Being outwardly brave is so yesterday…  
Being inwardly brave however, now you’re talking…
When was the last time you said no to someone?  When was the last time, you made a decision from how your body felt rather than what your head told you to do?  When was the last time you acknowledged your vulnerability openly?  When was the last time you trusted and prioritised your intuition?
We’ve been conditioned to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, ‘fake it til you make it’, ‘push yourself to your limits’, ‘believe and you can achieve’.  We push on through, slap a smile on, paste over the cracks, and deliver at all cost. Being brave in a business world exhausted me, it was all about push. It was all about proving myself to someone else (and probably to myself), constantly pushing beyond my limits, repeatedly finding my edge.  I got really good at it until I burnt out. 
But what if brave meant something all together different?  What if brave was an inside experience not an external performance?  
  • What if brave meant discovering more of who you authentically are, so you can shine your strengths and be in your flow for more of the time than not?  Permission to stop proving you’re someone that you’re not to someone else? 
  • What if brave meant finding the empathy and compassion to speak your truth in a way which would transform your working relationships rather than avoid drama?  To lean into conflict with love rather than armour. To not feel the responsibility to fix or heal others, instead to offer empathy.
  • What if brave meant feeling proud of your vulnerability because you knew it was in that place that magic usually happens?  To be able to say, hey i’m up for this challenge but I feel out of my depth.  

The external world and how we choose to see it is after all, a projection of our internal world.  That is why no two people ever see the world the same.  The BraveSouls way of being brave is a journey inside.  It’s a journey to discover what you really give a toss about, what triggers you have, how you hide or shine your talents, how you manage your boundaries and honour your truth.  It’s about cultivating more awareness of self so you can have greater connection with others and the world in which you choose to live.

So the next time you’re… 

…having a difficult relationship at work? LOOK INSIDE. What are you contributing to that difficulty? What alternative perspective can you try to find another way?

…feeling like a fraud/imposter/square peg in a round hole?  LOOK INSIDE.  Have you found a role and environment that enables you to shine your unique talents for more of the time than not?

…feeling exhausted?  LOOK INSIDE.  ‘The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness’ (David Whyte).  Are you following your path or the one you think you should?

…feeling undervalued, unloved, disrespected? LOOK INSIDE.  How are YOU not respecting, loving or valuing yourself? And if you were, what you would choose differently instead?

…feeling frustrated, undermined, overlooked?  LOOK INSIDE. How are you hiding your own light from the world? Go tell someone what you know you’re already really good at.

The BraveSouls way of doing business supports individuals in their working life to cultivate better relationships, to put their talents out into the world and learnt to trust their own truth.  It’s fundamentally about supporting talent to shine and cultivating healthy relationships.  Go well Brave Souls 

Jen x