So she chose LOVE

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived from LOVE… she didn’t know it was a choice… it was just what she did. She loved hanging upside down on climbing frames, going as high as she could on the swings, making new friends, laughing, swimming in her big paddling pool in the garden, reading, listening to music in her room with the birds singing outside, running up and rolling down hills, making sandcastles and splashing in the sea.

As she grew… she also shrunk… her physical self grew but her spirit self shrunk and she started to live not from LOVE but from FEAR… she didn’t know it was a choice… it was just what she did. She stopped asking people to be her friend, nervous they wouldn’t like her; she stopped laughing so much because it wasn’t cool; she still listened to music but no longer heard the birds; she didn’t play on swings or climbing frames, or swim in paddling pools or the sea, because they were things children did and she wasn’t a child any longer.

When she was very grown up and life was a whole lot less fun something happened and she came to know that living from LOVE or FEAR was a choice… living from FEAR didn’t have to be ‘just what she did’ …she could choose!

So she chose LOVE!

And now she asks everyone to be her friend and let’s them decide… she laughs… she hears the birds and swims at every opportunity… She’s so grateful she chose love she could actually burst! 💥

Love you ♡