Playfulness… is it even a thing?

Playfulness… is it even a thing?

I love how Brene Brown talks about play in the Gifts of Imperfection. Whilst researching wholeheartedness, when play emerged as one of the guideposts for wholehearted living, it was so far removed from her adult experience she didn’t even recognise it as a thing! 🤣

It’s so easy to lose touch with playfulness as we grow older … as a teenager it’s sooooo not cool to play… as an adult it’s a waste of time when we could be doing something more productive… or so our conditioning tells us!

It feels like there have been various points in my life when I’ve reconnected with play… mainly whilst travelling or when work & earning money and responsibility have been less of a priority or less needed.

Over the last few years I’ve (re)discovered lots of things that feel like play… skating, drawing, painting, needlefelting, building snowmen, reading, playing games, watching films, knitting, swimming in the sea, paddling, slides & playgrounds, jumping in cold pools, crabbing, building dams, rolling down hills, sledging, colouring…

And as I write that list I realise that most of those things I loved to do as a child too.

How connected are you to the concept of play?
What did you love to do as a child?
How would you play if you gave yourself permission?