Listening to connect

Listening… in order to truly connect we have to be able to listen.

Listening comes in three levels…

The first level of listening, we’re merely listening to find a way to (often hijack) join a conversation. We’ve all been there talking about our holiday to Spain and someone jumps in that they’ve been to Spain too….. really ??? 😉

The second level of listening. Listening to understand another. Really listening to what another is saying, questioning to understand. There is very little about us at this level of conversation, it’s all about the other person. Perhaps we’d notice we’d be talking less, staying open, just listening and being present.

And level three of listening, noticing what’s beyond the conversation, what’s not being said, how are you feeling when you listen to the other person talking, what do you notice about their facial expressions, what do you see in their eyes, what do you feel in your heart.

  • What levels of listening are you doing?
  • How is that helping or hindering your connection?