Jo is a spiritual soul, a meditator who likes the quiet life these days.  She’s happiest when she’s listening to the whispers of her soul and helping others to do the same.  In her 20 year career she’s worked in diverse roles in private, public and social sectors.

In the last 10 years she’s worked as consultant, coach, facilitator and meditation teacher in the fields of organisational and personal development… helping people open to new perspectives, discover new awarenesses and insights and step into new ways of being.

One day she promises to write a book called ‘From Veuve Cliquot… to Living on a Bus’ about how she swapped a life with a job in which she’d fly to work each Monday morning… to a life living, first in a caravan on a hill in Yorkshire, and then in a converted library bus travelling around the coast of the UK home-schooling her children and teaching people to meditate… living with less but with so much more.

Jo wants to help others to choose the life they’d love to live… to reimagine and recreate their life’s story.

She’s also mad about ‘spiritual shizzle’ (as Jen would say!), the Isle of Skye (where the bus led her and her family and she now calls home), sunsets, moonrises, wildlife, art, creating, swimming on the sea and jumping into pools!