Gratitude brings more Joy

Besides 1. fear and 2. not taking the time to BE in joy to fully feel it, one of the other things that gets in the way of joy for me is 3. not expressing gratitude for all that is good…

Last week I drove the kids to Glasgow to meet my parents as the kids were off to stay with them for a week.

On the face of it the journey was pretty horrendous… it was 14 hours there and back (in a day) and I was driving for probably 12 of those hours. There was loads of slow campervan tourist traffic. There was a long diversion. I forgot my bag and so didn’t have any money for food or fuel. I’d no data on my phone and so couldn’t navigate through the unsigned diversion or use maps for driving into Glasgow.

So what did I have to be grateful for?

The slow traffic further north meant I was 1/3 mile behind the fatal accident (the cause of the long diversion) and not in it.

As the traffic slowed we decided to pull off the road for a toilet stop and ice cream (realising the kids had holiday money) so that when we pulled back into the traffic we saw the air ambulance land behind us and when the police arrived to block the road, we weren’t IN the barricaded traffic and were able to find out from the police man it was likely to be 5 hours before the road reopened and to get alternative directions from him.

The alternative route took us down towards Helenborough which was a lovely drive along the side of a loch and easy enough to follow without a map.

Realising the map wasn’t working before we got anywhere near Glasgow meant that I had time to devise a new plan… to stop at a train station (there was one on the road we ended up being diverted on) to get the train in instead of driving so as not to have to get through Glasgow without a map (I’m not used to traffic these days… I think we have 1 set of lights and 1 roundabout on Skye 🤣)

When I tried to pay for parking at the station… it was free.

I realised I had a bag in the boot with everything I need when I teach meditation and it included some change.

I paid the kids back what I’d borrowed for an ice cream and my return ticket on the train and the ‘kids go free’ tickets meant it cost us just over £5 for us all to get to Glasgow and me to return again for my car later.

Annie had her fiddle with her and said if we had needed money for car parking she could have busked in Glasgow. Love that at 11 she is so resourceful and could totally see her on Buchanan street playing the Skye Boat Song!

When I met my mum and dad they’d bought us a picnic lunch and gave me some money.

So there was plenty to be grateful for… not least that the journey I’d set out on I’d also returned home from… unlike the pour soul on the A82 that day.

By being grateful I was able to find joy in the slow traffic… the diversion… finding money… an ice cream… not needing much money… a relaxed train journey… an adventure with the kids… and knowing that the Universe totally had my back that day!

Thankyou Universe… tourists… police man… kids… mum and dad!

Don’t you think that gratitude brings more things to be grateful for? That joy breeds joy?