Trying to navigate this crazy world and stay sane at the same time can feel like an impossible task. If you’re anything like me (and you give a shit about the planet we live on), you likely feel overwhelmed, frazzled and done in.

There are so many big topics on the world stage; black lives matter, #metoo, climate crisis, brexit, positive body image movement, the state of the world leaders. And don’t get me started on politics…

Throw on top of that the pressure of popular positive psychology to always be (effin) joyful, living in a mansion and looking damn hot all the time on instagram (as well as having picture perfect food). It’s no wonder we’re tired, feeling like our souls have been tipped out and scratching our heads about where to begin.

That’s why I created BraveSous. My own personal journey of trying to figure shit out. What did the bigger systemic issues mean to me and to the world and how do I locate myself within them so I don’t feel overwhelmed terrified or want to hang up my gloves?

Perhaps most fundamentally, what does living a good life look like now?

What if, the key to happiness, sleeping easy and really enjoying life was finding better balance, bringing in more love and learning to come together in community.

These are the questions most of my private coaching clients face.

For many they’re at cross roads moments. For some they’re stuck. For others, they have all the will and determination but not the direction. Somewhere in their soul they know the answer.

I’ve been working with individuals like you, to help them create the life they want, build and sustain their energy and connect with their passion to live more purposefully for nearly 20 years.

I do this through coaching, workshops and retreats.

If you want to have a no hassle conversation about the best way forward to supporting you, drop me an email  or call me 07786 250 175