Imagine a workplace full of brave souls…

Are you a conscious, brave and caring business who wants to proactively support their people to perform to the best of their ability? Perhaps you’re a b-corp or heading for B Corporation certification.

You will know that to run an ethical responsible organisation your people and how you work with them, are crucial. You will also know that the old way of leading, just won’t cut it for the future that faces us all.

If you want to support, encourage and cultivate teams that collaborate through kindness and positive conflict, then you may just be interested in the Brave Souls way.

If you’re curious about exploring a new way of leadership that will support responsible and ethical organisations, then you may just be interested in the Brave Souls way.

A better world needs better leaders.

Better leaders who know how to lead from their heart, understand the power of compassion, love and kindness in the workplace, and fundamentally want to leave the world a better place than they found it. It only takes 1% better. 

Better leaders…

  • develop the art of empathy, compassion, inclusivity
  • build relationships with even the most challenging individuals from a place of love not power
  • motivate, inspire and fundamentally improve performance (the effortless way)
  • challenge to build relationships not destroy them
  • make space for thoughts, feelings and intuition
  • are humble and operate from humility not ego
  • know that taking care of wellness and energy are key to strong performance, especially at these tougher times

I work with conscious and caring businesses wanting to make sure they leave a positive imprint on the world and genuinely care about the people they hire.  My work develops brave and compassionate leadership skills in individuals looking to examine their contribution to the world.

There are many ways we can work together, through executive coaching, leadership development programmes, leadership campfire retreats and workshops to imagine and explore the murky exciting possibility of the future.

To find out more about how I can help you build a responsible and caring organisation email, or call 07786 250 175