Connection vs Disconnection

At the beginning of the year, Jo and I decided to set a monthly theme for our social media activity.  Topics that relate to and inspire a Brave Soul journey, that may or may not relate to the energy of the season.

June’s theme was ‘Connection’.

As with all our themes, we also notice  mini themes arising from within them, usually aspects we didn’t expect as we dig deeper and underneath the concept of the word.

‘Connection is how we link or associate with something or someone else’.

A connection can be both positive and feel heart warming, lifting, nurturing even. It can also feel negative, jarring, disconnected, confrontational, mis matched.

We seek connection both externally (with others, nature, projects, our work) and internally (with our intuition, our heart, our gut senses, our body health).  The ways in which we connect are many and varied; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, heck even telepathically (if you’re that way inclined).

For Jo nature plays a huge role in feeling connected for her, as does her regular meditation.  As well as nature, dancing and singing are mine. I need to sing or dance around the kitchen to feel connected to me.  It’s how we come back to our centre, neither too far out and too far within.

Of course connection can sometimes feel difficult when we’re not quite finding that ‘click’ with something or someone.  There is nothing more heartbreaking for me than a relationship that doesn’t flow. Conflict, difficulty, clash of personalities can be the cause of many a sleepless night but they can also provide the breakthrough to discovering more about who your tribe is and isn’t, what you’re prepared to tolerate or not for the sake of an authentic connection, where your boundaries lie and how you want to manage them.

Positive connection can bring about the most uplifting level of joy, love and abundance. Like when we find our ‘soul mates’ our ‘tribes’ that behold a sense of belonging that say, this is me, this is where I can authentically me.  A place, a relationship, a friendship, a job that allows us to shine fully as we are, to share our natural talents, the things that come easily to us. To not have to apologise for being different.

So if you want to feel more connected to you consider these reflections that arose for us from exploring this months theme:

  1. What activities do you do that make you feel grounded, more at peace, more you, more alive?
  2. Who are you spending time with that’s making you feel more disconnected?How might you change the boundaries you have with this relationship?
  3. What does connection mean for you?

Jen x