A deep well of anger

A feeling of discontent
And under?
A deep well of anger
Like a pit of seething snakes

Clenched teeth
Heavy ache in the pit of my stomach
Hunched shoulders, rounded
Shrinking from my own emotion

Where has it come from?
How long has it been there?
Suppressed. Hidden
But there, definitely there
So strong

A rage from just days ago
Helping to bring to the surface
Cramping my insides
Almost painful
Like a knife twisting

Bubbling, boiling below, unseen
And then
Exploding molten torrent
Lava expelling

And now this awareness, acknowledged
Of anger always there
Just below the surface
And deeper too
Needing to be felt

So feel…
The contracted gut
The aching jaw
The sore shoulders
The acidic fire within

Just feel…

💥💥💥 !!!Anger… Fury… Rage!!! 💥💥💥

I don’t think we get to choose to numb just the emotions we don’t want to feel… the ones we label negative. I believe I can only feel joy, love, peace & security to the extent I’m prepared to feel anger, grief, sorrow & fear. So the more I feel my anger when it arises the more I can experience joy when it too arises… Only just beginning to get this lesson!