Is it time for a better way of living ?

What if there was a better way of living...

All we ever really have is time, how we choose to spend it makes the difference between an ok life and a good one.

I know there has to be a better way of living. One that helps me feel more loved, one that brings better balance to me, us and the planet and one that encourages togetherness not division.

I set up Brave Souls to figure this out. I don't have all the answers but I have a truck load of ideas and I trust that together we will create a better way.

A way of living that means we all do better

I can help you if you're after inspiration, support, coaching, workshops, retreats, different ways of thinking.

In fact if you have a challenge that will create a better world, and you're open to my contribution, I'm in.

It's time we designed a better way of living for a better world.


Who am I?

  • I am living brave soul. I've faced and overcome multiple difficult times. I've been unwell, lost my power and healed over and over again. I've also been a senior leader in a big corporate, run my own business teaching others how to lead and had my heart broken by the imbalance of the planet. I want to help and inspire others to live better. To be in balance, to let more love in and to come together more. I'm a creator and people person at heart. I'm happiest when I'm helping to problem solve, heal or discover new territory. She wants to share with others what helps her thrive. She’s also mad about dancing, singing, acupuncture, interior design and her crazy dog Murphy.

    Jennifer Potter Coach, Problem Solver, Creator, Leader, Five Element Wellbeing Practitioner

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