Is it time to discover more of you ?

Hi, we're Jo & Jen and we've created Brave Souls just for you...

Perhaps you've been feeling stuck or disconnected? Maybe you're fed up of feeling the pressure to conform and keep up? Perhaps you're feeling frustrated that you're not doing more of what you love? Maybe you've no idea what you love?

You've come to the right place!

Brave Souls exists to help you more of who you were always meant to be shine more of your light in the world, unapologetically create relationships that feed your soul and to follow whatever crazy plans you dream about

We can help you be your authentic self, speak your truth and live bravely connecting with your individual gifts to bring them into the world.

We also work with conscious organisations to help them engage and excite their people, and fundamentally cultivate more happiness and connectedness at work.



  • Holding a loving and safe space for you to explore the big questions in your life... being a witnessing presence... listening deeply... challenging & supporting...

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  • Mini and deeper retreats journeying alongside you as you step more into your Brave Soul's authenticity, truth and bravery...

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  • Learn a meditation practice to connect with your inner wisdom... listen to the whispers of your soul... free yourself from fear... and step into the life your brave soul wants you to live...

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More about our Brave Souls

  • Jen is a living brave soul. She's faced and overcome multiple difficult times and wants to help inspire others to live more authentically from the lessons of her own growth. Jen is a creator, people person and dynamic sort. She’s happiest when she’s helping someone to problem solve, heal or discover, whether it’s coaching, wellbeing or inspiring workshops. She wants to share with others what helps her thrive. She’s also mad about dancing, singing, acupuncture, interior design and her crazy dog Murphy.

    Jen Potter Brave Souls Coach, Strategist, Facilitator, Acupuncturist
  • Jo bravely listened to the whispers of her soul and swapped a fridge full of Veuve Cliquot and a big job to travel around the UK in a converted library bus home-schooling her children and teaching people to meditate as her and her family travelled… living with less yet living more. She is deeply wise and profoundly impactful if you allow her to hold space for your soul. She’s also a fan of sitting on logs, wildlife, a good sunset, crafting and creating.

    Jo Royle Brave Souls Coach, Facilitator, Meditation Teacher

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